Whoop! Whoop! Over 600 views of a video by a non famous girl & her companion, trying to live their dream! Thank you guys sooo much for all your support!!!
xo, Jen

Fête de la Musique: Lots of fun! Lots of music! Lots of wind!

On the first day of summer, a fresh breeze blew through the alleys at the ‘Rheinauhafen’ in Cologne…

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Wes Montgomery is definetly one of my favorite guitar players.

In this video unfortunately he ain’t talking much due to the host but in part 2 there is a lot great info from Wes himself:

The no.1 rule when things don’t go as planned is: “Keep going!” But in this case it is not really manageable I guess ;)

We have been in the studio this week. It’s been a while and it felt great!